The LifeWork Harmony by design Programâ„¢

The LifeWork Harmony by design Program™ is a seven step process to bring you out of vagueness, doubt and frustration into a life of purpose, success and fulfillment. This program was created by Geiska Velasquez, combining over a dozen years of experience as a mentor, coach, professional planner, and through her own career development and transition, to facilitate individuals through the process of finding their true identity, their ideal lifework, and their path to a more harmonious and prosperous life, throughout their life.

Course Program Options

There are many ways for you complete the The LifeWork Harmony by design Program™ depending on your current individual needs including:

The Seven Steps to LifeWork Harmony by design are:

  1. Prioritize Your Success

  2. Define the Problem

  3. Consult Your Design

  4. Illustrate the Vision

  5. Prepare the Plan

  6. Take Action!

  7. Four Rs to Success

Course Special Features

Step three, the "Consult Your Design" step of the program is powered by SIMA® (the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities) for private clients, and the Reflections® assessment system for group coaching clients, to produce the most individualized and unique assessments available.

It Works!

Geiska has taken the work and wisdom of a multitude of resources, experts, and experiences, and combined them into one impactful process that works every time!  Making it easy to create more clarity, confidence, harmony and prosperity for anyone who wants it regardless of where they are on their path.

How do I get started?

The 2020 LifeWork Harmony by design Group Program enrollment starts March 1st 2020! There are limited spots and only $56 holds your seat for the May 1st start date! Check out the 2020 Program Here and enroll today.

Have Questions?

If you want to learn more about the LifeWork Harmony by design Program™please go now to schedule a FREE Get Acquainted Session with Geiska to discuss your work worries and struggles and determine if this this the right program, time and coach for you! 


I went through Geiska's LifeWorkHarmony by design program when I was working at a company that I didn't really enjoy and I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go in my career. She patiently helped me identify some strengths and weaknesses and then guided me in using this information to develop a career plan that started high level and then drilled down into details and actionable tasks. Her organization and systematic approach let me know we were on track and getting somewhere, while her flexibility and personal touch assured me that I was getting personalized direction and advice. I am now in a job that I love, with a confidence that I'm in the right place, and LifeWork Harmony had everything to do with that. Geiska is a wise woman and I would recommend her to anybody to get valuable insight into their career and life possibilities.

Jacob Lewis - LWHbydesign Member

“I fee so much more confident now after doing LAUNCH! that I am heading in the right direction after high school. So many of my friends are still freaking out! But not me. I’m good!” 

LWH LAUNCH Client, San Diego