The 2020 LifeWork Harmony by design Program

The pragmatic pursuit of the career you were made for!

What's included in your six-month experience

When a person fully embraces who they truly are, their entire life is transformed. They feel more powerful, experience more fulfillment, more satisfaction in life and in work. A person with a strategic plan on how to mesh who they are with what they aspire for in their life is empowered! And a person on a track with a coach and a team to accomplish all of the above is UNSTOPPABLE!

Are you are yearning for fulfillment in your life, satisfaction in your job, and a heartfelt sense of purpose? Do you want to take off the mask you've been hiding under for years, and find your way to your calling? Your design is the map, and a solid plan is the key to all you desire for and aspire to. 

Introducing The LifeWork Harmony by design Power Plan Group Program! Within this four month program, each week we will dive deep into the following on the road to the life you were made for!

  • 24 weeks to a strategic Power PLAN for the life and work you were made for!
  • The proprietary 7-Step LifeWork Harmony by design Program delivered to your email inbox each week prior to the meeting
  • Virtual Instruction at your fingertips delivered weekly, viewed at your preferred time & place
  • Group Zoom Support Meetings live each Sunday the first three weeks of each month, flourish along with your fellows
  • Coaching by Geiska each week, along with other members within LifeWork Harmony, to help you powerfully navigate this journey
  • Private Coaches Console Online Portal to complete weekly activities, log your progress, easily schedule private coaching sessions
  • Private 1-on-1 Coaching with Geiska and Jen each month in addition to the group sessions
  • Any Time Access to Geiska to celebrate your wins, ask questions, and share stories via a private online portal



The passion, fulfillment, and renewed sense of vigor you crave are closer than you think. Its time you discover how to find the harmony in your life to become all you were always meant to be and feel fantastic in your life again.  We begin this power planning group together July 1st, 2019 and will complete the program with celebration October 27th, 2019.

The total investment value in the whole program is $1,995.00 - but that's not what YOU'RE going to pay! 

This special 2020 Vision offer's details:

  • There are only 20 available slots in this group
  • Registration closes at midnight on April 20th, 2020.
  • The first module roles out May 1, 2020, and the first group Zoom meeting is Sunday, May 3rd, 2020
  • Choose the investment option that works best for you to be sure to secure your seat in this exclusive group before it fills up: 

Quick and done one time upfront investment of $1190.00 for the full 6 month group program with one private session with Geiska each month ($60 savings)

LifeWork Harmony by design Program 2020 (pay in full savings)

Easy monthly automatic withdrawals will secure your spot with a deposit of only $56, then $199.00 deducted on the first of each month (May, June, July, August, September, and October) from the card you indicate 

LifeWork Harmony by design Program 2020 (easy monthly payments) 

The LifeWork Harmony by design Power Plan Group Zoom Meetings begin Sunday, May 3rd:

 2:15 - 3:15pm (Pacific Standard Time), 3:15 - 4:15pm (MST), 4:15 - 5:15pm (CST), 5:15 - 6:15pm (EST)


The best results gained from a group program like this is are realized when you attend the live group sessions and participate fully.
However, due to the nature of life, we will be recording all of the group coaching sessions, and they will be available to watch and re-watch later in case you have to miss a group meeting. 

Topic Discussion for each Group Session:

Week 1: Step One - Prioritize Your Career Evolvement

Week 2: Step Two - Define the Problem (The Universal Problem)

Week 3: Step Two - Define the Problem (Honor Your Discontent)

Week 4: Step Two - Define the Problem (Problems into Solutions)

Week 5: Step Three -  Consult Your Design (Consult Your MAP)

Week 6: Step Three -  Consult Your Design (Memoirs of Delight)

Week 7: Step Three -  Consult Your Design (Fingerprints of Strength)

Week 8: Step Three -  Consult Your Design (Intentional Living)

Week 9: Step Four - Illustrate the Vision (the Ideal Job Description)

Week 10: Step Four - Illustrate the Vision (the Manifesto)

Week 11: Step Four - Illustrate the Vision (Illustration)

Week 12: Step Four - Illustrate the Vision (Vision Bridge)

Week 13: Step Five - Prepare the Plan (preparation)

Week 14: Step Five - Prepare the Plan (Goals)

Week 15: Step Five - Prepare the Plan (Objectives)

Week 16: Step Five - Prepare the Plan (Action Items) 

Week 17: Step Six - Take Action! (but first, decide)

Week 18: Step Six - Take Action! (with support)

Week 19 Step Six - Take Action! (and report)

Week 20 Step Six - Take Action! (with tactical flexibility)

Week 21: Step Seven - 4R (Rest)

Week 22: Step Seven - 4R (Review)

Week 23: Step Seven - 4R (Repeat)

Week 24: Step Seven - 4R (Rewards!)




I went through Geiska's LifeWorkHarmony by design program when I was working at a company that I didn't really enjoy and I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go in my career. She patiently helped me identify some strengths and weaknesses and then guided me in using this information to develop a career plan that started high level and then drilled down into details and actionable tasks. Her organization and systematic approach let me know we were on track and getting somewhere, while her flexibility and personal touch assured me that I was getting personalized direction and advice. I am now in a job that I love, with a confidence that I'm in the right place, and LifeWork Harmony had everything to do with that. Geiska is a wise woman and I would recommend her to anybody to get valuable insight into their career and life possibilities.

Jacob Lewis - LWHbydesign Member

“I fee so much more confident now after doing LAUNCH! that I am heading in the right direction after high school. So many of my friends are still freaking out! But not me. I’m good!” 

LWH LAUNCH Client, San Diego