LifeWork Harmony LAUNCH!

The Career Development Planning Program for Students: 

Approaching graduation from high school? College? Grad School???
This program was designed specifically for YOU!


In working with early to mid-career professionals I found over and over again the scenario where my client had spent many years and thousands of dollars to reach the point where they were. And where they were, was miserable. It became so clear that the proper way to prepare a plan for education and career was never introduced to the vast majority of people, especially at the right time. 
Every now and then a parent or school or particular counselor will get it right and the student prepares for career launch in a way that is supportive of them and helps them reach their true aspirations of being useful, successful, and happy in the work they do in the world. Sadly that cohort makes up somewhere between 20-25% of our work workforce while the rest of us went down someone else’s path and find our jobs somewhere between boring, and life devouring.
Once it became clear how much our schools and counselors were failing our youth, the future workforce of our country, I realized I must create a program for high school and college students so that they can launch themselves effectively into their own successful and fulfilling lifework. And therefore LifeWork Harmony LAUNCH!TM was born.


LAUNCH!TM takes the student (generally between 16 and 25 years old)  through the same seven step LifeWork Harmony by design ProgramTM that my early to mid-career clients go through, but with special attention to the unique needs of the student about to come into their own in the world. We discuss specifically the situations in class, at school, between friends, and experiences in groups such as sports and clubs. This information is crucial to the development of the future successful career.
What is important to note, is that we are not developing successful people; each of my clients is already 100% themselves and has everything they need to be successful in this world. What we do employ is the specific tools to think strategically and to take that whole person into the planning process to land them in the most fertile soil for their particular needs.

How to Enroll

If you, or someone you love, is looking at a horizon with graduation written upon it, and do not feel 100% secure in the direction you have chosen, please go to the Calendar link now and schedule your free get acquainted coaching session with Geiska, to share your concerns, ask your particular questions, and find out how LifeWork Harmony and the LifeWork Harmony LAUNCH!TM program can work for you.
A variety of packages and programs are available to meet the numerous personal and financial needs of the individual. Check out the products and services page to browse some of the options while you are waiting for your session with Geiska.
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